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Why are cremation prices different between funeral homes?

October 4, 2016
Over the years we have received numerous phone calls inquiring about the price in which we charge for cremation at our facilities. Often people seem either shocked or curious as to why there is a difference in cremation prices between funeral homes. The answer to the question is this, when a funeral home has an onsite crematory they have many other expenses that funeral homes who use a third party crematory do not have. For instance, the licensing to operate the crematory, insurance, maintenance, continuing education and liability. Liability with cremation is extremely high verses having a traditional earth burial, why? Once the cremation has taken place there is no way in which the funeral director or crematory operators can conduct a disinterment of the body if a need should arise. Cremation is also the most highly regulated type of disposition in the United States. Before a crematory is allowed to perform a cremation, they must receive a permit from the Office of The Chief Medical Examiner. When families choose cremation itís more to the funeral director than just cremation. It comes down to love, respect, honor and trust that the funeral director gives to the one who has passed on. Even if the family chooses not to have a memorial service they are still honored with great respect and love at Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory. When you make the decision to choose cremation as your end of life wish it is highly recommended that you make an appointment to visit with the funeral home staff and ask to view the facility. We are only given one chance to celebrate our life when itís over. Itís important to know that you are working with a facility that will give you the honor you deserve. For more FREE information on cremation and resources about cremation please call 918-485-9525 or stop by our office to speak to our cremation specialists Randy and Jason Shipman.

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June 2, 2016
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