Grief Support

The Shipman family wanted to develop a place for people to gather and together walk through the pain of loss to find hope. We have provided that place. These meetings are not just for people grieving the death of a loved one, but they are offered to anyone who is grieving a loss of any kind. Each year, between 5% and 9% of the population loses a close family member. But that's not the only kind of loss that can cause grief.

When family members are faced with having to place their loved one in an assisted living, or a nursing home, the family member is often overwhelmed with grief and guilt. You are not alone. Remember, love does what is best for that person, at that time! People can also feel loss when they become separated from a loved one, the lose a job or position or income, a pet dies or runs away, children leave the home, or they experience a major life change like divorce or moving or retiring.

However, there is hope. Come join us, and let us walk through your journey of grief, and together we can find hope for a better tomorrow.

You Are Not Alone

Let our Life Celebrant, provide to any person, without cost or obligation, the opportunity to put together, share and record their life story or the story of a loved one. Receive a typed portfolio so this special story can be shared with family and friends. Our lives here on earth are important to many. Let our Life Celebrant help you share that story.

Consult Certified Celebrant


Will the pain go away faster if you ignore it?


Is it important to "be strong" in the face of loss?


If you do not cry, are you not sorry about the loss?