Certified Life Celebrant - Public Speaker

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What's your life story?

My name is Anita J. Shipman and I am a certified Life Celebrant.  When I was twenty five I became sick with an unknown illness.  I fought through this journey of my life for over six years, facing a new battle every day.  There was no Easy Button to push.

When my six year journey came to an end, a new journey began.  I was healed without medicine, tests or medical doctors.  The healing came from the hands of God.  I know to some, such a healing is difficult to understand.  I was facing certain death,  the experts had no clue what was causing my illness.  Only then, when I was at my lowest and without hope, I was touched by the Hand of God.   That touch took away all my pain and suffering.  It opened my eyes.  My heart was filled with a new purpose.  My path in life was changed.  Only then did I realize we all are here for a purpose and each of us are special to our family and friends.  This life changing experience showed me that I was placed here to help others understand they are also important.  As a Life Celebrant, I am proud to offer and provide any person, without cost or obligation, the opportunity to put together, share and record their life story.

I am blessed to have been given the gift and courage from God to stand up and represent someone's life story with respect and dignity.  Each person deserves to be acknowledged when their light of life comes to a close here on earth.  We all have a purpose and a story to be told.  Please give me the opportunity to bring together that story for you or a member of your family.