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Many times, we seek understanding and comfort when illness, trauma and the trials of life show up at our own doorstep. Where do we look for guidance when life seems to go out of control? Where can we turn when we don't know where to turn, to seek the answers we need? Grief, addiction, fear, death, and destructive lifestyle choices are all very real, very human conditions. Conditions that can lead us into a season of constant personal struggles, spiritual oppression, and chains that hold us back from experiencing all that God has in store for us. In her first book God's gift - The Rock, Life Celebrant and Author Anita J. Shipman showcases her personal journey through illness, and a near death experience that changed the trajectory of her life and the lives of her loved ones. In her second book American Idols, Anita takes us on a very personal and intimate journey through some of the darkest moments of her life. She showcases how a very real, very personal relationship with God brought her healing from trauma and set her free from the spiritual chains that bound her, the chains that were keeping her from the life that God wanted her to have. In her books her message is clear, as she demonstrates how a loving God brought her comfort during personal struggle and shattered the chains of a destructive lifestyle. She conveys to us through her books how love, the love of a very real God, has the power to heal us completely, both physically and spiritually. She invites us to come along as she shares her own story of healing, hope, reconciliation, and redemption, demonstrating through real world personal experiences, that God can and will radically change our lives and set us on a path of freedom and healing.

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God's Gift - The Rock

I have learned that change is hard. And whether it is for the good or bad, change is a hard road to travel. For six years I was living half of a life, and suddenly, with God's grace and touch, I was healed and filled with a full life. Those years were full of pain, tears, and heartache; but by His healing hand, I was given a blessing beyond my greatest imagination. The transition from sickness and half a life to complete healing is something greater than I could understand.

My personal journey gave me the understanding that we indeed have a loving and forgiving God. Even if we don't see Him or the things in life don't appear or turn out the way we wish they would, God is still always walking with us and waiting for each of us to listen to His voice.

I'm no different or even more special than anyone else. I've made bad choices and many mistakes along the way; I now understand that God doesn't expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to do our very best and believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

May God so richly bless each of you in your lives that you receive the understanding and peace with which I was blessed with. All we have to do in this fast-paced life is slow down, take a moment to relax, and just listen to God's voice. If you do just that, you'll hear Him speak, and His voice will lead you to His saving grace.

American Idols

In her new book American Idols, Anita J. Shipman shines a light on issues that have become problematic in the lives of so many people today. Addressing several serious issues that hold us back from acquiring a more fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Father. Through telling of her own real-life experiences, Anita shares personal triumphs and tragedies that have shaped her own personal relationship with God. Touching on timely issues like putting our trust and faith fully in a sovereign God, restoring God to His rightful place in our lives and breaking the chains of spiritual bondage, this book has the potential to help shine a light in the darkness for so many! American Idols shows us that God is still moving, God is still powerful and still desires to set His people free! This book challenges each of us to take a look at our own relationship with God, and boldly declares the truth about the things that hold us in spiritual bondage, our own personal idols.

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