Todd Oliver

Dates: Friday Feb 12, 2021 & Saturday Feb 13, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Wagoner Civic Center, 301 S. Grant Ave, Wagoner, OK 74467

Shipman Funeral Homes To Present "Todd Oliver's Most Magical Night Of Your Life".

Have you ever met a talking dog, a real talking Dog? And when was the last time you sat in a cozy little theater and watched lovely little birds and a live bunny appear out of thin air! Get ready, because on ..... at ..., you and your family have a chance to not only see this, but you will also experience world class magic and ventriloquism that packs fast, big and funny surprises that will grab and hold your attention and keep a smile on your face for 90 minutes.

Todd Oliver presents a critically acclaimed show filled with the joy and wonder and magical mysteries fresh and uncommon in today's world of family entertainment. Or as Todd puts it: "I carefully design and present illusions that audiences don't see everyday. I want the people to have a new uplifting and fun filled reaction at my show.

Todd Oliver grew up loving, magic, music and ventriloquism. As a young boy he studied comedy and the variety arts. Along the way he created some wooden headed characters and that combined with his fury and feathered friends, Todd continues to perform around the world choosing to appear in small and medium intimate venues for a truly up close and personal experience.

Todd Oliver and Friends have been a feature on Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Today Show, a couple episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, and in 2012 they were a top 4 finalist on America's Got Talent.

A major draw for many years on Showboats in Branson MO, and Nashville TN, as well as other major entertainment venues, Todd is now touring, bringing his brand of clean and magical family fun to towns across America.

So sit back and get ready, you might even be on stage yourself, Todd turns audience members into real live Ventriloquist dummies! Either way you're going to have a fun and magical time with "Todd Olivers' Most Magical Night Of Your Life"

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"Funniest night Of Your Life" Comedy Event Began As A Kids Dream

When Somebody asks "how did you decide to be a ventriloquist", Todd Oliver has an unusual answer.

"As a kid I was infatuated with those little Wooden headed dummies! They can get away with saying things everyone is thinking and they always have a charming way to make it funny"

"I was 10 years old when when I received my first Ventriloquist dummy on Christmas morning. 3 days later my father died from cancer. That little Ventriloquist dummy helped me deal with my loss and sadness. I also discovered that little character could make other people happy too."

Todd grew up in Minneapolis MN, and went to the library and read everything he could find on Ventriloquism, magic, and show business. He started out as a volunteer and did his act for free. "I would take city buses to nursing homes, hospitals and schools. I carried my dummy in a suitcase and folks thought I was running away from home! On the other hand the audience is a great teacher and I got a great education!"

After High School Todd toured schools, clubs, 1-niters, and went around the world on cruise ships. Then came 20 years on showboats in Nashville TN and Branson MO. Needing to constantly offer something new to audiences, Todd came up with an idea that changed his life.

"One day I was looking at my dog and thought I bet you would have a lot to say if you could talk". 7 months later Todd's Boston Terrier "Irving" premiered as America's real talking dog!

Then came Hollywood agents and a bunch of national TV appearances. David Letterman's Ventriloquist week, 2 appearances on The Tonight Show, 2 on The Today Show, Craig Ferguson, 2 Walker Texas Ranger episodes, and in 2012 Todd And Irving were a Top 4 finalist on America's Got Talent.

Now touring, Todd is living his childhood dream playing theaters across the country. "I've been very blessed. TV is great fun, but a ventriloquist makes his living doing shows. Making families laugh together is the goal. "My best memories are those of me and my family all laughing together. I want to make that happen for families across America.

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